Avalanche 1.28/1.6gpf ADA Elongated Bowl White
Avalanche 1.28/1.6gpf ADA Elongated Bowl White

Avalanche 1.28/1.6gpf ADA Elongated Bowl White

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Reaching a higher pinnacle of performance and beauty, the Avalanche¨ toilet offers solid engineering designed to deliver a powerful flush. Elegantly contoured tank styling, flush fit cover, and pedestal style bowl with edging detail present an upscale, streamlined aesthetic. Providing a softer sounding flush, QuietCleanª technology offers nearly twice the bowl rinsing capacity. This, combined with KeepCleanª surface treatment, a permanent glaze coating that creates a super smooth bowl surface, work in tandem to maximize bowl cleanliness. KeepClean also prevents residue from sticking to the bowl for a streak-free finish that requires less frequent cleaning. A 3Ó flush valve and extra-large dual-fed siphon jet help power water into and around the bowl while the large, fully glazed trapway ensures virtually clog-free performance. A corrosion-resistant, rigid flapper and best-in-class Flushmaster¨ 400A fill valve work to quickly refill the toilet. Boasting the largest footprint of GerberÕs toilets, the Avalanche is an ideal option for both new installations and replacement. Reach the peak of outstanding function and exquisite styling with Avalanche.
Color: White
Dimensions: L- 29.75" H-19.375" W-15.25"

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